The Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at the MFAH was a powerful visual display. Large make-shift canvases, furniture, doors and even graffitti objects showed the variety of production he engaged in. Basquiat's incredible ability to produce large-scale works with a sense of urgency never ceases to amaze me. I was overwhelmed by the obsessive process in his work, the constant, almost compulsive act of recurring to the use of symbols.

Basquiat's family background is also very interesting. His mother was from Puerto Rico and his father from Haiti. They were a middle class family from Brooklyn. Basquiat usually identifies very strongly with the plight of African Americans, although, I have never heard him mention his Latin American background. Regardless of his chosen identity, he is presented at the MFAH as a contemporary American artist. However, his complex identity comes through visually and in his use of words on canvas. The piece that stands out to me is Arroz con Pollo in which he explores Black and Latino identity.