It was an honor to be part of the Arts Activism panel at the Abriendo Brecha conference at The University of Texas at Austin. Rudy Cuellar and I presented some of the Royal Chicano Air Force silkscreen posters. I addressed the artist as a citizen and art collaboration, and Rudy described the work with details about the process and his funny anecdotes.

RCAF image
I felt really proud to be representing these Sacramento artists who have been mentors and friends for several years now. We also had the opportunity to interact with 4 other artists on the panel. Bernice Montgomery, a painter from Dallas, TX was one of my favorites. She really spoke from the heart, and addressed the many daily life issues that artists are faced with in this country, just to be able to survive as artists. There was also a wonderful muralist Joshua Sarantitis from Tuscon, AZ who presented beautiful monumental murals he creates with different communties all over the country. He described working with school children, as well as homeless people and gentrified communities. His work reminded me of the beautiful murals Juana Alicia does in the Bay Area.
I thought all the work was high quality and offered a promising outlook on the future of community arts. I hope I can get Claudia Bernardi to come and present for next year’s conference on the Walls of Hope project in El Salvador. I also think a panel of Emerging Cultural Activists would be very appropriate.

Download PowerPoint: RCAF Presentation